For stories from Kayal

You'll never truly experience a place, unless you plunge head long into its everyday life. And that's precisely what we offer at Kayal.

The soothing serenity of the island sets the tone for your day. Your mornings could start with calming, restorative meditation, followed by yoga and an Ayurveda massage.

After a leisurely bath, you could hop on a canoe and sail past paddy fields, coconut farms and small villages. Or you could even venture out onto the great Lake Vembanad. Life at Kayal sings to a different beat, and you become part of it the moment you take our rowboat.

If you are an experience seeker, you can walk or cycle right into our village and soak in the local life. Stop at the local tea-shop for a little rest and snack.

If you wish for something more personal, and experiential, we could arrange for you to join a farmer in his fields, the fisherman on the lake, the toddy tapper up the tree or the womenfolk in their local festivals.

While the days are packed with gentle activity, the nights are meant for unwinding. You could take a boat out and go stargazing, participate in the local temple rituals, or simply catch a good film.

Want to take a day off the island? Make a quick stop at the antique shops at colonial Fort Kochi, explore a nearby fisherman's beach, or learn Kalari, Kerala's own martial art.