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Faces of kayal

by Thankam Kumaran


May 15, 2015

Undiscovered island.

Have you ever smelled peace, I have. I fell in love with the island and its people, the moment I stepped off the boat. Smiling faces, tranquil waters, smell of nature.

I didn't waste a minute exploring the perfections and imperfections of the island. Imperfections remind me of a vintage soul I shot, which is an attractive feature for any artist. Children, women and men were ready to pose for me in their natural way, affirming what simplicity can do. Another image I remember is of a content child sitting on a bricked wall, not wanting the toys of the world. As an artist I loved these nuances of this undiscovered island.

Thankam Kumaran

Thankam is a freelance photographer. She is self-taught, and specializes in portraits taken in natural light. She combines candid and documentary style of photography. She is also a certified graphic designer, a recipe developer, cook and food stylist. She is based in Kochi,India.